What Is Currency Pairs?

Everything in the world gradually changes, and currency today, already not simply monetary unit, is a key element of a financial system of the countries on which it is possible to buy services, goods, real estate and other things. With intensifying of the international commodity exchange, it and itself became goods, and as goods actively participates in the auction in the exchange markets around the world.

In the market Forex, each currency, also becomes at the same time both an agent for payments and the main goods for trade activity. The standard, marking of currencies from three signs in which, the first two letters show the country – the issuer, and the last symbol – indicates the name of currency. All currencies as a kind of goods, have different degree of appeal to traders, and some, especially attractive admit the main currencies for creation of currency pairs Forex:

• USD – American dollar;

• EUR – Euro;

• CAD – Canadian dollar;

• CHF – Swiss franc;

• GBP – British pound;

• JPY – Japanese yen;

• AUD – Australian dollar;

• NZD – New Zealand dollar;

• SEK – Swedish krona;

• NOK – Norwegian krone.

Trade is carried out in the form of breakdown of currencies in pairs, and the change in price is estimated by change of a ratio of cost of these currency pairs. Such concept as an exchange rate – the currency cost calculated in monetary units of other currency is for this purpose used.

Total of available currency pairs, or otherwise speaking, trade tools, already exceeded 50.